3-04-2019 Changelog

Posted on: Mar 04 2019, 12:37: PM
  • March Attendance rewards have been updated. (patch needed)
  • March VIP hats updated.
  • December VIP hats have been distributed between the Hat Exchange NPC, Activity Girl and Mystery Costume Boxes.
  • Sonic Blow will not stop your autoattack anymore.
  • Fixed Soul Reaper's Soul Reap not working.
  • Increased the rates of the good enchants happening for Mora Wizard and Priest NPCs.
  • Rachel Sanctuary has increased exp for the month of March.

2-24-2019 Changelog

Posted on: Feb 24 2019, 12:01: PM
  • Increased HP of mini world bosses and decreased their ATK/MATK.
  • Added Tool Dealer and Exit NPC to the KoTC MVP room.
  • New limits for inventory: 200, storage: 800.
  • Added VIP Storage 1 and VIP Storage 2 that can be activated from Epsilon Kafra for 3,000,000 Zeny each. The storages will stay activated, if your VIP runs out, but you will only be able to retrieve items from it in that case.
  • BG is currently temporarily disabled.
  • Homunculus Autofeed now works.
  • Homunculus will now gain 25% of the master's EXP, when the master kills stuff.
  • Homunculus autoattack sort of returns (works perfect with old homus, not so well with S) BUT it's recommended to use the default AI as custom AI doesn't work properly. (Use /hoai to toggle between default and custom).
  • 30 new aura options added for @aura.

2-14-2019 Changelog

Posted on: Feb 14 2019, 05:16: AM
  • Valentine's Day event is active.
    • Heartrings spawn on certain maps (@whereis). Respawn time is 15 minutes.
    • Heartrings drop chocolate that you can bring to the Excited Kid in El Dicastes for buffs!
    • Valentina has various headgears available for crafting.
  • More Pet loyal bonuses:
    • Harpy: 5% neutral resist, 50% more damage with Napalm Beat, Heaven's Drive and Thunderstorm
    • Headless Mule: 10% more damage with Water and Holy Magic
    • Heater: Reduce Fireball SP cost by 15. 50% more damage with fireball
    • Hell Poodle: Hit +10, Chance to inflict Bleeding with melee attacks
    • Hill wind (both): 50% more damage with Thunderstorm, 25% more damage with Jupitel and Lord of Vermillion
    • Hillslion: ATK+25, decrease Dangerous Soul Collect base cast time by 1 second.
    • Hode: 20% resist to earth property
    • Hodremlin: 5% less damage from all sizes. Chance to activate +30 for 10 seconds.
    • Uni-Horn Scaraba: Increase Pierce damage by 50%
    • Two-Horn Scaraba: Increase Bowling Bash damage by 25%
    • Hornet: STR+3, Atk+10
    • Hydra: 5% more damage on demi human
    • Hyegun: 15% resist to demon
    • Hylozoist: Small chance to drop OPB when killing mobs.
  • Added MVP room for KotC castle owners.
    • All monsters inside will be removed once KotC starts and players warped out, warning messages 30 and 10 minutes before KoTC starts.
  • Added 5 new hairstyles (please make sure you are patched :))
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