Thank you

Posted on: May 16 2019, 09:05: AM

I want to thank everyone who has played on Epsilon, even if you were just playing around on the test server for a short while. I have made the decision to shut down the server, as it has become increasingly harder for me to dedicate the time needed to get the things I want to do done. My schedule has always been rather erratic with lots of unknowns but it's gotten even crazier lately. Real life just takes priority at this point. I had a lot of fun with everyone and I truly thank everyone who was a part of this. I will still be on discord if you want to have a chat.

4-01-2019 Changelog

Posted on: Apr 01 2019, 05:01: AM
  • Updated VIP Hat shop.
  • January VIP hats have been distributed between Activity Girl, Mystery Costume Box and Hat Exchange.
  • Mad Bunny (Item ID: 2189) has been added to the World Token shop.
  • Donor Shop disabled for the time being.
  • April Attendance rewards added.
  • More Custom Pet Loyal bonuses:
    • Iara: Allow the use of Recovery.
    • Icecicle: Allow the use of Cold Bolt LV 1.
    • Injustice: Increase Sonic Blow damage by 10%.
    • Iron Fist: 30% more exp from Formless monsters.
    • Isilla: Chance to reduce Variable Cast time by 30% for 5 seconds after using magic.
    • Jaguar: 10% more magic damage on Brute monsters.
    • Kaho: 10% more physical damage on earth property.
    • Kapha: 10% more damage with Waterball.
    • Kavac Icarus: 10% more damage with Double Strafe.
    • Beetle King: Heal 5 SP when killing an Insect monster.
    • Knocker: 5% more damage on Formless monsters.
    • Kobold (1133): Critical +4.

3-04-2019 Changelog

Posted on: Mar 04 2019, 12:37: PM
  • March Attendance rewards have been updated. (patch needed)
  • March VIP hats updated.
  • December VIP hats have been distributed between the Hat Exchange NPC, Activity Girl and Mystery Costume Boxes.
  • Sonic Blow will not stop your autoattack anymore.
  • Fixed Soul Reaper's Soul Reap not working.
  • Increased the rates of the good enchants happening for Mora Wizard and Priest NPCs.
  • Rachel Sanctuary has increased exp for the month of March.
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