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  2. Thank you

    I want to thank everyone who has played on Epsilon, even if you were just playing around on the test server for a short while. I have made the decision to shut down the server, as it has become increasingly harder for me to dedicate the time needed to get the things I want to do done. My schedule has always been rather erratic with lots of unknowns but it's gotten even crazier lately. Real life just takes priority at this point. I had a lot of fun with everyone and I truly thank everyone who was a part of this. I will still be on discord if you want to have a chat.
  3. 4-01-2019 Changelog

    Updated VIP Hat shop. January VIP hats have been distributed between Activity Girl, Mystery Costume Box and Hat Exchange. Mad Bunny (Item ID: 2189) has been added to the World Token shop. Donor Shop disabled for the time being. April Attendance rewards added. More Custom Pet Loyal bonuses: Iara: Allow the use of Recovery. Icecicle: Allow the use of Cold Bolt LV 1. Injustice: Increase Sonic Blow damage by 10%. Iron Fist: 30% more exp from Formless monsters. Isilla: Chance to reduce Variable Cast time by 30% for 5 seconds after using magic. Jaguar: 10% more magic damage on Brute monsters. Kaho: 10% more physical damage on earth property. Kapha: 10% more damage with Waterball. Kavac Icarus: 10% more damage with Double Strafe. Beetle King: Heal 5 SP when killing an Insect monster. Knocker: 5% more damage on Formless monsters. Kobold (1133): Critical +4.
  4. 3-04-2019 Changelog

    March Attendance rewards have been updated. (patch needed) March VIP hats updated. December VIP hats have been distributed between the Hat Exchange NPC, Activity Girl and Mystery Costume Boxes. Sonic Blow will not stop your autoattack anymore. Fixed Soul Reaper's Soul Reap not working. Increased the rates of the good enchants happening for Mora Wizard and Priest NPCs. Rachel Sanctuary has increased exp for the month of March.
  5. 2-24-2019 Changelog

    Increased HP of mini world bosses and decreased their ATK/MATK. Added Tool Dealer and Exit NPC to the KoTC MVP room. New limits for inventory: 200, storage: 800. Added VIP Storage 1 and VIP Storage 2 that can be activated from Epsilon Kafra for 3,000,000 Zeny each. The storages will stay activated, if your VIP runs out, but you will only be able to retrieve items from it in that case. BG is currently temporarily disabled. Homunculus Autofeed now works. Homunculus will now gain 25% of the master's EXP, when the master kills stuff. Homunculus autoattack sort of returns (works perfect with old homus, not so well with S) BUT it's recommended to use the default AI as custom AI doesn't work properly. (Use /hoai to toggle between default and custom). 30 new aura options added for @aura.
  6. 2-14-2019 Changelog

    Valentine's Day event is active. Heartrings spawn on certain maps (@whereis). Respawn time is 15 minutes. Heartrings drop chocolate that you can bring to the Excited Kid in El Dicastes for buffs! Valentina has various headgears available for crafting. More Pet loyal bonuses: Harpy: 5% neutral resist, 50% more damage with Napalm Beat, Heaven's Drive and Thunderstorm Headless Mule: 10% more damage with Water and Holy Magic Heater: Reduce Fireball SP cost by 15. 50% more damage with fireball Hell Poodle: Hit +10, Chance to inflict Bleeding with melee attacks Hill wind (both): 50% more damage with Thunderstorm, 25% more damage with Jupitel and Lord of Vermillion Hillslion: ATK+25, decrease Dangerous Soul Collect base cast time by 1 second. Hode: 20% resist to earth property Hodremlin: 5% less damage from all sizes. Chance to activate +30 for 10 seconds. Uni-Horn Scaraba: Increase Pierce damage by 50% Two-Horn Scaraba: Increase Bowling Bash damage by 25% Hornet: STR+3, Atk+10 Hydra: 5% more damage on demi human Hyegun: 15% resist to demon Hylozoist: Small chance to drop OPB when killing mobs. Added MVP room for KotC castle owners. All monsters inside will be removed once KotC starts and players warped out, warning messages 30 and 10 minutes before KoTC starts. Added 5 new hairstyles (please make sure you are patched :))
  7. 2-1-2019 Changelog

    Attendance rewards for February updated. Lucky Day enchant for Temporal Boots now has the chance to drop Inception Boxes at a low rate. Monthly VIP hats updated. November VIP hats distributed between Mystery Costume Box, Hat Token Trader and Secondary Activity Point Shop. Updated the looks of Costume Greater Devil Wings. More Pet Loyal bonuses: Eclipse: Super Novice: HP+5000, SP+ 2000 Eggyra: SP recovery +20% Errende: Holy Light damage +100% Executioner: 10% less damage from large monsters Explosion: Magnum Break damage +75% Familiar: Chance to inflict Blind while attacking, ATK+10 Red Ferus: Fire Pillar damage +50%, Meteor Storm damage + 25% Green Ferus: Chance to cast Tarot Card LV2 when hit. Flame Skull: 10% Resist to Blind, Stun, Curse, Stone Frus: Firewall damage +150% Fur Seal: Acolyte Class: crit rate +15 on undead and demon Galapago: Juices heal 150% more HP Galion: Wind Blade damage +75% Gazeti: Enables use of Cold Bolt LV 5 Gemini: Grimtooth damage +30% Ghostring: Autocast Soul Strike LV 3 /or level learned when attacking Goat: Enables use of Adrenaline Rush lv 1 Grand Peco: Small chance to cast Gloria LV 1 when attacking. Green Iguana: Add a chance of gaining 'Fruit Mix' each time a Formless monster is killed. (card effect) Gremlin: Add a chance of gaining 'Bomber Steak' each time a Brute monster is killed. (card effect)
  8. 1-26-2019 Changelog

    Loyal bonus for the following pets added: Dancing Dragon: +5 Agi +5 Str +5% Aspd Sky Deleter: Recover 100 HP when killing a monster with melee attack Desert Wolf: +15% damage on small monsters Dimiks: Vit +5, Add +3% physical damage against neutral/wind/water/fire/earth (the color they are) Disguise: 9% chance to cast silence when hit. Draco: 20% more magic damage on dragon monsters Drainliar: 9% chance to cast Blood Drain when being hit Dryad: 10% defense against earth element, +10 MDef Survival Arena Easy Mode adjusted. Reduced the number of Bio 2 mobs that appear. If there are under 4 players, the difficulty level is much lower. Changed some minibosses. Added Rachel Sanctuary Missions (in front of Rachel Sanctuary on ra_temple) : Three missions available, one can be taken at a time. (make sure you patch to see the quests right in your quest log.) Cooldown is 4 hours. Once completed, you will be awarded EXP and the possibility to exchange Epsilon Hat Tokens for a Drooping Pope headgear. The amount of Tokens you need depends on the difficulty level of the mission you pick.
  9. 1-18-2019 Changelog

    Following custom pets have been updated with Loyal bonus: Baby Leopard: 25% more damage with Mammonite, Luk+ 5 Banshee: 30% more damage with Ghost Element Magic Beholder: Chance to inflict Petrification on enemies when getting hit Bigfoot: 20% more damage on Insect monsters Boiled Rice: Chance to drop 14525, 663, 12195 (rice items that restore 10% hp/20% mp/atk +10) Bomb Poring: Knockback and splash attack (think hurricane fury effect but lower chance) Breeze: ATK +10, Chance to inflict Bleeding on enemy Brilight: Chance to inflict Silence on enemy when hit Byorgue: for Rogue class: Matk +10%, Atk +10% Carat: Int+4, MaxSP+5% Centipede Larva: Venom Splasher damage +50% Chepet: Enable the use of Heal Lv 5 Choco: Perfect dodge +5, Flee +10 Christmas Cookie: 20% more EXP from angel monsters Crab: 15% more damage on water property Cramp: Get 1~300 zeny at 5% when killing monsters Creamy: Enable Teleport 1 Cruiser: 50% more damage with Vulcan Arrow Curupira: 15% more magic damage on water property Added Special Starter Box (3 CP) and Costume Ticket 3x (2 CP) into Donor Shop. Special Starter Box contents will vary slightly on a monthly basis. KoTC will now only announce that the treasure chest is spawned, when it actually spawns. Fixed the area where KoTC treasure chest spawns. Added World Token drop chance to KoTC treasure chest. Minigame command @joinevent should take you to the right event now. Update to World Bosses. Rewards for Skoll, Blue Unicorn and Corpse Hand have been increased to 2 tokens per kill. Fixed King Poring minions not spawning. Added Mini World Bosses. Mini World Bosses have a lot less HP, but still hit fairly strong. Mini World Bosses reward 1 token per kill and no chance for extra tokens for the killer like the big world bosses.
  10. 1-11-2019 Changelog

    Pet System expanded with custom pets. (Wiki article will be updated soon) Poke Cap available from Token Trader. Makes three kinds of pokeballs drop from all monsters. Drop chance is higher the higher level the monster is. Note: Pokeballs cannot be used to capture already existing official pets. Red Pokeballs are for regular monsters. Great Pokeballs are for miniboss and biolab 3 monsters. Golden Pokeballs are for MVPs (not yet tameable). Catch rates are between 3-20%, depending on the strength. Not ALL monsters are currently catchable. (List to follow on the wiki) Most custom pets will activate an offensive skill that gets a boost when they are loyal. A couple of the pets have supportive skills. The following pets already get loyal bonuses (these will be added gradually): Alicel: Flee +25 Aliot: STR +5, MAXHP +5% Aliza: Mdef +20 Alligator: Long Range Resist +5% Ambernite: Def +5 Anacondaq: +75% more magical/physical damage to poison property. Angeling: 30% Def against monsters with holy property. Anolian: DEX +5, ASPD +2 Anopheles: 10% Chance to drain 1% of your damage as HP Aqua Elemental: 15% Def against water property monters, 25% more magical/physical damage to water property Arch Angeling: 60% Mdef pierce to angel monters (stacks with magician's gloves) Armaia: 30% resist to stun. Assaulter: Ninja/Oboro/Kagerou only: ATK/MATK +50 Aster: 200% EXP from fish monsters Added Red Marching Hat(5654), Palace Guard Cap (18878), Marching Hat (5225) quests to the NPC that makes Evil Marching Hat. Updated Mystery Costume Box, Mystery Costume Garment Box, Hat Token Trader and Secondary Activity Points shop with VIP hats from October. Added Test Dummies to El Dicastes (where Emp test NPC is). Added Heal Doge to Emp Tester area.
  11. [EVENT] Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone! To celebrate the occasion, the drops rates are doubled and exp rates 60x~105x until January 10th. Additionally, you can claim your Happy Holiday Bundle from Holly Dai in El Dicastes! Thanks for sticking with us, and here's to another great year!
  12. Greetings!

    Good day, everyone. My name's "Koenig", and I've just joined the server. I can't play for now because for some reason my patcher always fails to update, but I'm hoping to finally update successfully soon and start a new life here. I'm also hoping that the server won't become like the other private servers crowded with OP cash shop equipments and MVP cards and stuff like that. Anyways. Happy New Year, everyone.
  13. Download link

    The download zip only have 3 songs in the BGM folder, Im trying to find only the BGM folder for download but i have not find anything. it will be usefull that someone link the folder for download and obviously put the folder into the downloadable link. Regards
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