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9-6-2018 Changelog

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  • rAthena update. (Please not that this might make some bugs pop up that I can't foresee, please report them.) [More detailed info to follow]
  • Guarana Candy can be now bought in Bulk.
  • Frozen Wings Mind Breaker changed to 35% MDef Pierce. (Note: Mdef piercing doesn't stack, only the highest value applies).
  • Added Magician's Gloves to World Token Shop.
  • Added Instance Airship Assault.
    • Airship Cape: Variable castrate -20%->-15%
    • Ferlock's Cape: Variable castrate from -35% total to -25% total.
  • Added Instance Sarah and Fenrir.
  • Brasilis Mobs get cards.
  • Mdef adjust for: Corrupted Monk, Bloody Knight, 1st and 2nd Commander, Magic Seal, Evil Fanatic, Corrupt Orc Zombie, Corrupt Verit, Corrupt Megalodon, Acidus (Airship Raid), Captain Ferlock, Sarah and Fenrir mobs, Atroce, Beelzebub, Doppel, Eddga, FBH, Gloom, Gopinich, Ifrit, Kiel, Maya, Orc Lord, Osiris, Phreeoni, Queen Scaraba, Tao Gunka, Rangris, Entweihen, Assassin Cross Eremes, Whitesmith Harword, Sniper Cecil, Egnigem Cenia, Gold Queen Scaraba, Nightmare Amon Ra/Baphomet, Time Holder, Grim Reaper Ankou
  • Fixed Round Trip and Fire Rain range.
  • Fixed Gatling Fever ASPD increase.
  • Changed the map of KoTC.
  • Added Heroic Ring Exchange/Enchant NPCs.
  • Added notice to Morse's Cave instance NPC Senior Tracker. You should always talk to him after leaving the instance, even if you failed. This will finish/remove the quest and start the cooldown.
  • Eden Gramps now gives free Agi+Bless upon choosing the teleport option.
  • Removed noteleport from kh_dun01
  • Upped the rates on Missing Page drops.
  • Missing Pages are now tradeable.
  • Custom +1 all stats sunnies slot now shows properly. [Patch Required]
  • Updated monthly VIP hat selection.
  • Added 3 more Costumes with effects to the Hat Exchange NPC.
  • Sorcerer Hood and Cheshire's Cat Ears costume quests added to Lovely Hatter.
  • Costume Sky of Memory, Costume Leopard Hat and Costume Shalosh Hairband added to Hat Exchange NPC.
  • Costume Enchanted Dog, Costume Fluffy Heart Earmuffs, Costume Goldfish Hat added to Mystery Costume Box.

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