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9-13-2018 Changelog

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  • Added a duplicate of Mergician to El Dicastes 277,210 (For those pesky items that don't want to stack on their own)
  • Episode 15.1 quests added. (Charleston Crisis Instance will follow either tomorrow or the day after)
  • World Boss Blue Unicorn HP and DEF reduced.
  • World Boss Skoll now casts Level 5 Demonstration at 20% and Level 20 Demonstration at a 5%.
  • Guild Storage MAX capacity returned to 900. (180 slots per skill).
  • Magician's Glove slot fixed.
  • KoTC Emperium now casts Sanctuary on itself when Idle and its HP is lower than 25%.
  • Double Drops event ends.
  • White Wing Suit drop rate fixed.
  • Bacsojin Hat drop rate fixed.
  • Picnic Basket now drops 1 food of each stat randomly between +6 and +10 instead of  all +5.
  • Corpse Hand unavoidable coma rate reduced, cast time added.
  • Fixed School Uniform's script.

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