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9-20-2018 Changelog

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  • EXP boosted to 45x~105x for the week!
  • Added 15.2 quests
  • Added The Last Room instance.
  • Added The Central Laboratory instance.
  • Fixed Super Baby not showing up in the Job Changer options.
  • Added Putty v.1.0 in El Dicastes 182, 262. (Just up from Lovely Hatter)
    • She can take cards you don't need and turn them into points. You can trade those points for some neat stuff.
    • You have to type in the full card name for her to check how many you have for now.
    • putty.jpg
  • Added Charleston Instance. (check iROwiki for guide for now)
  • Item Exchange NPCs added next to Charleston in Distress entrance. [Enchant NPC to follow]
  • Updated items in Hat Exchange shop.
  • Updated items in World Boss shop.
  • Updated Pojo rewards:
    • 50 Activity Points.
    • More chicken related hats added to the variety.
  • Updated Treasure Hunt minigame rewards:
    • 12 Activity points
    • eRO Valk Fragment
    • Epsilon Hat Token
    • Budget Bubble Gum
    • Old Card Album
    • Bag of Exp
    • 1 Day VIP
  • Cleaned up Kafra Card Remover code. It no longer says that it will possibly destroy your items. There's still a 10% failure chance,  but no items are destroyed in the process.

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