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9-27-2018 Changelog

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  • Zephyrus, Brionac, Fireblend, Ice Falchon, Base Guitar, Elemental Sword, Grand Cross, Schweizersabel, Sea Witch's foot now autocast level 5 skills instead of level 3.
  • KoTC Guardian Stones added.
    • Guild Leader can summon Guardian Stones by talking to the NPC to exit the arena.
    • A guardian stone can be summoned every 5 minutes.
    • Maximum 2 guardian stones.
    • 3 different HP values based on the catalyst used:
      • 10 Rough Elunium = 100k HP Guardian Stone
      • 5 Elunium = 175k HP Guardian Stone
      • 1 Enriched Elunium = 250k HP Guardian Stone
    • Emperium cannot be damaged when Guardian Stones are up.
  • Note: After 1-2 Days of testing for the Guardian Stone system, the KoTC treasure will be updated. Another map update is coming next week.
  • Added Oni Horns to the Treasure Chest in Devil's Tower. (25% drop rate)
  • Added Ammo into @restock.
  • Removal Hat added to Removal (0.3%)
  • SA update part 1:
    • SA Easy
      • Level req:  70-110
      • Entrance Zeny: 0
      • Activity Points: 50
      • 1 Bag of EXP
      • 1 Survival Point
    • SA Extreme
      • Entrance Zeny: 50,000
      • Activity Points 250
      • 10 Bags of EXP
      • 10 Survival Point
    • Survival Point Exchange coming with a future update.
    • New schedule.
      • Mon/Wed/Fri 4 AM and 10 AM server time
      • Tue/Thu/Sat 4 PM and 10 PM server time
      • Sun 4 AM and 10 PM server time
  • Fixed some Card Trader missing cards, added info about checking @ii for the right name.
  • Shield Reflect and reflect from item bonuses interaction fixed.

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