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10-4-2018 Changelog

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  • Added quest for Candy Hat. Starts in Lutie. (Story by MathYG)
  • Added Nightmare Biolabs dungeon.
    • Use the Warp Crystal to teleport to the entrance NPC Ohno Tohiro.
    • Entering the dungeon costs 100,000 Zeny or 10 Research charts.
    • Teleporting is disabled in the dungeon.
    • All mobs are boss type.
    • Enchantment for the Headgears is accessible from the NPC called Lunar (slightly down from Ohno Tohiro).
      • For option with monsters, choose "Where all the dead men roam." It costs 5 Sentimental Fragments and 100k Zeny.
      • For safe option, choose "Only thoughts can be met". This option costs 10 Sentimental Fragments and 2m Zeny.
      • The following NPCs are made available:
        • bio_n.jpg
        • Sorrowful Soul's Mind can make Costume Versions of the headgears.
        • Victimized Soul's Mind exchanges weapons dropped from Bio Labs to Energy Fragments. (1~3 Fragments per weapon, 2~5 if VIP)
        • Wandering Mind does the enchantment. Powerful enchantments are available up to level 6.
        • Silent Mind exchanges 3 souls of the same type for a box that contains a random soul.
  • Same Sex Marriage enabled.
  • Hat Exchange NPC updated.
  • Prices for 30-Day VIP, Permanent VIP and Costume Ticket reduced.
  • Added VIP Costume Ticket into Hats for VIPs shop. Works like a regular Costume Ticket, but only works with Mad Hatter.
  • New Selection in Hats for VIPs shop.
  • Episode 16.1 quests added.
    • Hero Token rewards for quests increased.
    • VIP gets a couple of bonus tokens upon completing quests.
  • Applied Fixed Cast Time reduction conversion to Variable Cast Time reduction on most items. (Please patch to see the changed item descriptions.)
    • Laphine Staff Refine rate = Var cast reduction.
    • Buwaya Tattoo -7% Var Cast time
    • Rata Card : Chance to reduce var cast time by 30%
    • Special Str/Agi/Vit/Int/Dex/Luk enchants: -5% var cast time
    • Doram Set Combos give var cast time reduction.
    • Temporal DEX boots give -5% var cast time.
  • New items added to World Token shop: (please patch to see the right info/all the sprites)
    • newitems.png

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