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10-11-2018 Changelog

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  • Refining over +10 updated! (Vestri @El Dicastes 241, 215
    • Refining over +10 has no breaking chance. Instead, upon failure 90% of the time you will get -1 downgrade. At 10% chance, the item will be reset back to +10.
    • +10 and +15 are safe levels. No downgrade upon failure.
    • +10 -> +11 and +15->+16 chances are lower and cost less, but as said, no downgrade chance.
    • Rest of the chances are greatly improved [Chart to follow] but the Zeny and Material cost is also higher.
  • Enabled Royal Banquet instances Room of Consciousness and Ritual of Blessing.
  • Added several Multi Slot costumes to the Hat Exchange NPC. Also an option to buy them with VIP Costume Tickets.
  • Added Wanderer and Phylla card to Putty's list.
  • Fixed Guild Storage Expansion skill not being upgradeable.
  • Lunar @Lighthalzen 318,203 will now warp you to one of 5 random locations in Nightmare Biolabs for 10 Research Charts and 10k Zeny if you select the option: "Where Dead Men Roam"
  • Mentors now have a [Mentor] title in front of their names.

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