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10-18-2018 Changelog

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  • Added tier 2 activity point shop (more items to be added there btw)
    • Talk to Activity Girl in El Dicastes to unlock the shop.
    • Unlocking costs 300 Activity Points.
    • If you have VIP, the shop will be unlocked on all the characters on the account, if you don't have VIP, only the current character will have access.
  • Added new item Lucky Badge:
    • Increases token/coin gain from certain instances and daily quests. Lasts for 24 hours. Currently boosted quests/instances:
      • Room of Consciousness daily quest.
      • Daily Mora Quests.
      • Charleston in Distress quests.
      • Geffen Magic Tournament.
  • Added a small amount of bonus tokens for 16.1 and Mora Daily quests if you have VIP.
  • Increased coins from Mora daily quests and added Lucky Badge bonus.
  • Increased Room of Consciousness daily reward tokens and added Lucky Badge bonus.
  • Added Lucky Badge bonus to Charleston in Distress quests.
  • Added Lucky Badge bonus to Geffen Magic Tournament.
  • Central Laboratory no longer spawns minibosses except in the first round there’s a chance for deviling or ghostring
  • Added enchant npcs for Charleston in Distress (Verus enchants)
  • Raised the prices for refining over +10 slightly.
  • BG should give correct rewards now (item exchange npcs will return shortly)
  • The robes from Banquet quests now come pre refined at +10.


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