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11-4-2018 Changelog

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  • Added Sky Fortress instance. (There will be a custom upgrade for system for Vicious Weapons coming in the next few days. Also the Staves and Rods might get an "empty" enchant at times. It's actually not empty, the view is just bugged at the moment. It can be either HP or SP drain on kill.
  • Added Raven Token -> Candy Exchange NPC
  • Updated custom mob IDs and view IDs for custom items. It's very important that you patch because of this. If you still happen to have problems after patching, please download THE LATEST UPDATE MANUALLY (extract the .rar into your Epsilon folder)
  • New Hats in VIP shop.
  • The Skill Slug Shot now consumes one Shotgun Slug on use. You can purchase it from the Ammo shop. You don't need to equip the Shotgun Slug, it will be consumed from your inventory.
  • Corrected ASPD values when wearing guns for Gunslinger/Rebellion. (They are a little higher)
  • Fixed Heat Barrel not giving the correct ASPD.
  • Monsters now have a ATK and MATK value (@mi still shows this as ATK x~y, the second value should be MATK). Please report any oddities coming from this.
  • World Bosses' HP increased.
  • World Boss idle announcement now includes the map.
  • Stylist now can set your option back to 0 upon entering 0, instead of a random option.
  • Warrior Discipline daily quest (Royal Banquet) has the following targets now:
    • 2917 - Formless (Big Bell) x50
      3503 - Brute (Charge Basilisk) x50
      3506 - Plant (Jungle Mandragora) x50
      2136 - Demi-human (Little Fatum) x50
      2363 - Insect (Menblatt) x50
      2360 - Undead (Nightmare Ancient Mummy) x50
      2477 - Demon (Nightmare Wanderer) x50
      2204 - Sedora (Fish) x100
      1755 - Angel (Skeggiold blue) x50
      1713 - Dragon (Acidus Gold) x50
  • Misc rAthena updates.
  • Changed Honor Token's weight to 0
  • Fixed script for 13122 and 13124 (Altea & Ares). Now properly gives +10% ASPD.

NOTE: If you don't update kro data and rdata on your own on a regular basis, i strongly suggest to download the latest updated ones from here: kRO data/rdata (it's a big file, but you won't have to redo it again for a while)

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