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[New Client] 11-24-2018 Changelog

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!! Attention players! We are upgrading to a new client. This means a bunch of stuff needs to get updated !!

First. If you have recently updated your kRO data.grf and rdata.grf, please download the Lite Client >> HERE <<.
1. Extract the .zip into a NEW folder, then copy over data.grf, rdata.grf and your BGM folder from your current EpsilonRO folder.

If you haven't updated your kRO files in a while, or are a new player, please download the Full Package >> HERE <<.

You won't be able to log in with the old client anymore.

  • New client!
  • Vit Uperatum and Convenio now usable for Arch Bishop.
  • Doram Extended skills now usable.
  • Donor Shop updated.
  • Homunculus S max level set to 175.
  • Rare drop broadcast should now censor out the name up to 20 characters.
  • Items obtained via Steal now shown in party messages.
  • Bonus party exp per member increased from 10%-25%.
  • Characters on the same account can now join the same party.
  • Max inventory size 100->500.
  • Weight limit to disable natural regen 70->75%
  • Created items, in case your inventory is full, will be dropped instead of deleted.
  • Max hairstyles 99->154
  • Star Emperor and Soul Reaper available on the test server.

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