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1-11-2019 Changelog

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  • Pet System expanded with custom pets. (Wiki article will be updated soon)
    • Poke Cap available from Token Trader.
      • Makes three kinds of pokeballs drop from all monsters. Drop chance is higher the higher level the monster is.
    • Note: Pokeballs cannot be used to capture already existing official pets.
    • Red Pokeballs are for regular monsters.
    • Great Pokeballs are for miniboss and biolab 3 monsters.
    • Golden Pokeballs are for MVPs (not yet tameable).
    • Catch rates are between 3-20%, depending on the strength.
    • Not ALL monsters are currently catchable. (List to follow on the wiki)
    • Most custom pets will activate an offensive skill that gets a boost when they are loyal.
    • A couple of the pets have supportive skills.
    • The following pets already get loyal bonuses (these will be added gradually):
      • Alicel: Flee +25
      • Aliot: STR +5, MAXHP +5%
      • Aliza: Mdef +20
      • Alligator: Long Range Resist +5%
      • Ambernite: Def +5
      • Anacondaq: +75% more magical/physical damage to poison property.
      • Angeling: 30% Def against monsters with holy property.
      • Anolian: DEX +5, ASPD +2
      • Anopheles: 10% Chance to drain 1% of your damage as HP
      • Aqua Elemental: 15% Def against water property monters, 25% more magical/physical damage to water property
      • Arch Angeling: 60% Mdef pierce to angel monters (stacks with magician's gloves)
      • Armaia: 30% resist to stun.
      • Assaulter: Ninja/Oboro/Kagerou only: ATK/MATK +50
      • Aster: 200% EXP from fish monsters
  • Added Red Marching Hat(5654), Palace Guard Cap (18878), Marching Hat (5225) quests to the NPC that makes Evil Marching Hat.
  • Updated Mystery Costume Box, Mystery Costume Garment Box, Hat Token Trader and Secondary Activity Points shop with VIP hats from October.
  • Added Test Dummies to El Dicastes (where Emp test NPC is).
  • Added Heal Doge to Emp Tester area.

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