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1-18-2019 Changelog

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  • Following custom pets have been updated with Loyal bonus:
    • Baby Leopard: 25% more damage with Mammonite, Luk+ 5
    • Banshee: 30% more damage with Ghost Element Magic
    • Beholder: Chance to inflict Petrification on enemies when getting hit
    • Bigfoot: 20% more damage on Insect monsters
    • Boiled Rice: Chance to drop 14525, 663, 12195 (rice items that restore 10% hp/20% mp/atk +10)
    • Bomb Poring: Knockback and splash attack (think hurricane fury effect but lower chance)
    • Breeze: ATK +10, Chance to inflict Bleeding on enemy
    • Brilight: Chance to inflict Silence on enemy when hit
    • Byorgue: for Rogue class: Matk +10%, Atk +10%
    • Carat: Int+4, MaxSP+5%
    • Centipede Larva: Venom Splasher damage +50%
    • Chepet: Enable the use of Heal Lv 5
    • Choco: Perfect dodge +5, Flee +10
    • Christmas Cookie: 20% more EXP from angel monsters
    • Crab: 15% more damage on water property
    • Cramp: Get 1~300 zeny at 5% when killing monsters
    • Creamy: Enable Teleport 1
    • Cruiser: 50% more damage with Vulcan Arrow
    • Curupira: 15% more magic damage on water property
  • Added Special Starter Box (3 CP) and Costume Ticket 3x (2 CP) into Donor Shop.
    • Special Starter Box contents will vary slightly on a monthly basis.
  • KoTC will now only announce that the treasure chest is spawned, when it actually spawns.
  • Fixed the area where KoTC treasure chest spawns.
  • Added World Token drop chance to KoTC treasure chest.
  • Minigame command @joinevent should take you to the right event now.
  • Update to World Bosses.
    • Rewards for Skoll, Blue Unicorn and Corpse Hand have been increased to 2 tokens per kill.
    • Fixed King Poring minions not spawning.
    • Added Mini World Bosses.
      • Mini World Bosses have a lot less HP, but still hit fairly strong.
      • Mini World Bosses reward 1 token per kill and no chance for extra tokens for the killer like the big world bosses.

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