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1-26-2019 Changelog

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  • Loyal bonus for the following pets added:
    • Dancing Dragon: +5 Agi +5 Str +5% Aspd
    • Sky Deleter: Recover 100 HP when killing a monster with melee attack
    • Desert Wolf: +15% damage on small monsters
    • Dimiks: Vit +5, Add +3% physical damage against neutral/wind/water/fire/earth (the color they are)
    • Disguise: 9% chance to cast silence when hit.
    • Draco: 20% more magic damage on dragon monsters
    • Drainliar: 9% chance to cast Blood Drain when being hit
    • Dryad: 10% defense against earth element, +10 MDef
  • Survival Arena Easy Mode adjusted.
    • Reduced the number of Bio 2 mobs that appear.
    • If there are under 4 players, the difficulty level is much lower.
    • Changed some minibosses.
  • Added Rachel Sanctuary Missions (in front of Rachel Sanctuary on ra_temple) :
    • Three missions available, one can be taken at a time. (make sure you patch to see the quests right in your quest log.)
    • Cooldown is 4 hours.
    • Once completed, you will be awarded EXP and the possibility to exchange Epsilon Hat Tokens for a Drooping Pope headgear.
    • The amount of Tokens you need depends on the difficulty level of the mission you pick.

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