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2-1-2019 Changelog

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  • Attendance rewards for February updated.
  • Lucky Day enchant for Temporal Boots now has the chance to drop Inception Boxes at a low rate.
  • Monthly VIP hats updated.
  • November VIP hats distributed between Mystery Costume Box, Hat Token Trader and Secondary Activity Point Shop.
  • Updated the looks of Costume Greater Devil Wings.
  • More Pet Loyal bonuses:
    • Eclipse:  Super Novice: HP+5000, SP+ 2000
    • Eggyra: SP recovery +20%
    • Errende: Holy Light damage +100%
    • Executioner: 10% less damage from large monsters
    • Explosion:  Magnum Break damage +75%
    • Familiar: Chance to inflict Blind while attacking, ATK+10
    • Red Ferus: Fire Pillar damage +50%, Meteor Storm damage + 25%
    • Green Ferus: Chance to cast Tarot Card LV2 when hit.
    • Flame Skull: 10% Resist to Blind, Stun, Curse, Stone
    • Frus: Firewall damage +150%
    • Fur Seal: Acolyte Class: crit rate +15 on undead and demon
    • Galapago: Juices heal 150% more HP
    • Galion: Wind Blade damage +75%
    • Gazeti: Enables use of Cold Bolt LV 5
    • Gemini: Grimtooth damage +30%
    • Ghostring: Autocast Soul Strike LV 3 /or level learned when attacking
    • Goat: Enables use of Adrenaline Rush lv 1
    • Grand Peco: Small chance to cast Gloria LV 1 when attacking.
    • Green Iguana: Add a chance of gaining 'Fruit Mix' each time a Formless monster is killed. (card effect)
    • Gremlin: Add a chance of gaining 'Bomber Steak' each time a Brute monster is killed.  (card effect)

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