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2-14-2019 Changelog

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  • Valentine's Day event is active.
    • Heartrings spawn on certain maps (@whereis). Respawn time is 15 minutes.
    • Heartrings drop chocolate that you can bring to the Excited Kid in El Dicastes for buffs!
    • Valentina has various headgears available for crafting.
  • More Pet loyal bonuses:
    • Harpy: 5% neutral resist, 50% more damage with Napalm Beat, Heaven's Drive and Thunderstorm
    • Headless Mule: 10% more damage with Water and Holy Magic
    • Heater: Reduce Fireball SP cost by 15. 50% more damage with fireball
    • Hell Poodle: Hit +10, Chance to inflict Bleeding with melee attacks
    • Hill wind (both): 50% more damage with Thunderstorm, 25% more damage with Jupitel and Lord of Vermillion
    • Hillslion: ATK+25, decrease Dangerous Soul Collect base cast time by 1 second.
    • Hode: 20% resist to earth property
    • Hodremlin: 5% less damage from all sizes. Chance to activate +30 for 10 seconds.
    • Uni-Horn Scaraba: Increase Pierce damage by 50%
    • Two-Horn Scaraba: Increase Bowling Bash damage by 25%
    • Hornet: STR+3, Atk+10
    • Hydra: 5% more damage on demi human
    • Hyegun: 15% resist to demon
    • Hylozoist: Small chance to drop OPB when killing mobs.
  • Added MVP room for KotC castle owners.
    • All monsters inside will be removed once KotC starts and players warped out, warning messages 30 and 10 minutes before KoTC starts.
  • Added 5 new hairstyles (please make sure you are patched :))

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