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2-24-2019 Changelog

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  • Increased HP of mini world bosses and decreased their ATK/MATK.
  • Added Tool Dealer and Exit NPC to the KoTC MVP room.
  • New limits for inventory: 200, storage: 800.
  • Added VIP Storage 1 and VIP Storage 2 that can be activated from Epsilon Kafra for 3,000,000 Zeny each. The storages will stay activated, if your VIP runs out, but you will only be able to retrieve items from it in that case.
  • BG is currently temporarily disabled.
  • Homunculus Autofeed now works.
  • Homunculus will now gain 25% of the master's EXP, when the master kills stuff.
  • Homunculus autoattack sort of returns (works perfect with old homus, not so well with S) BUT it's recommended to use the default AI as custom AI doesn't work properly. (Use /hoai to toggle between default and custom).
  • 30 new aura options added for @aura.

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