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For a list of all the rules, please read Server Rules.

Some things to note:

  • Use common sense.
  • Don't be an ass to people.
  • Have fun, but not at the expense of others.

Download and Installation[edit]

  • Download the installer from our website.
  • Run the installer, (preferably as admin).
  • If you have a clean kRO installed, copy data.grf and rdata.grf and BGM folder into Epsilon RO folder. If you don't, download the and from the list of downloads and extract them into the Epsilon RO folder.
    • NOTE: Do NOT mix Epsilon RO files with any other private server files. We cannot guarantee support if issues should rise.
  • After everything is installed, make sure you allow your Epsilon RO folder through your firewall and anti virus. (Not doing this might result is missing files and errors.)
  • Run the patcher, (as admin). It's best to always run the patcher before starting the game to be sure you are up to date.

Q: Help, my client won't start!
A: Please check the EpsilonRO-Setup.exe and try changing the Grpahics device. Also please always run both the patcher and the client itself as admin.

Q: Help, I'm crashing!
A: Please always run the patcher prior running the game. If it doesn't update and lets you start the game and you are still getting errors, try repatching: delete EpsilonUpdate.dat from your Epsilon Folder and run the patcher again. Please make sure the game client is closed when you are patching or the patches aren't applied. Also please don't mix Epsilon files with any other private server's files, as it would make it harder to locate the source of the error. If you need to, please try reinstalling.

If after everything, you are still having problems, please make a topic in our Technical Support forums.


Creating an account is simple. Go to our main website and click on the Create Account.

Character Creation[edit]


Easy right? Choose the race you like, the gender you like and name you like. But please keep the names civil! Nothing racist, sexist or otherwise hateful. Profanities aren't funny either. Puns are good, though!

Your look doesn't really matter at this point as the customization options available in game are numerous and free. We have 99 hairstyles available, and 250+ hair and 1000+ clothes' colors!

Novice Area[edit]

You have landed in the novice area! Hurray! Raise your stats (STR and DEX are recommended as you can reset your stats afterwards for a small fee.) and poke away. The Foxrings give the best exp out of the three different blobs. They also drop a headgear called Autumn Leaves at 3%. The Cowrings drop Cowring Hats at 0.6% that increases your exp as a non rebirth class by 5%. Neat!

Things to do here:

  • Use @commands to see all the available commands.
  • The nice Newbie Tutor girl can teach you the skill Trick Dead, if you are a novice.
  • Newbie Tutor also has some more info about the basics of the game.
  • Level up to job level 10, so you can change your job right away when arriving in the main town.

When you are done in the novice area, you can either use @go 0 to get to the main town, or let the Newbie Tutor warp you out.


El Dicastes is our main town in Epsilon RO, and here you will find all the essential NPCs for your convenience. We have a bunch of custom NPCs and invited over some official NPCs as well!

  1. Warp Crystal, Epsilon Kafra, Healer, Buffer, KoTC and BG Warpers.
  2. Activity Points Exchange
  3. Job changer, Reset Girl, Rental NPC and Eden Group Warper
  4. Stylist, Dress Room, Headgear Colorist and Mad Hatter
  5. Ammo and Tool Dealer
  6. Marketplace Warper
  7. VIP hats and Gym Pass NPC
  8. Hat Token Girl
  9. Lovely Hatter
  10. General Shop NPCs
  11. WoE Castle flags
  • RED POINTING HAND: Hidden Socket enchant, and Socket Enchant NPCs. Over +10 refiner NPC is there too.

Down from the stylist we also have a neat disguise NPC!

And near the upper portal is where the Survival Arena NPCs are located. You don't need to walk there every time Survival Arena begins, though. Once the announcement has been made, you can warp next to the npcs with the command @joinsa.

@commands and /help[edit]

If you type in @commands you will see the list of everything that we have enabled for you to make things a little more comfy.

Some of the more important ones you can and should use are:

  • @go will give you a list of all the places you can warp to
  • @storage (@s) opens your storage
  • @autoloot (@al) (100% is the default if no number is given) loot goes automatically into your inventory
  • @mobinfo (@mi) displays information about the specified monster
  • @iteminfo (@ii) displays information about the specified item
  • @whereis shows the map(s) where a given monster spawns
  • @whodrops shows up to 5 monsters who drop the specified item
  • @party make a party, allows spaces in party name.
  • @guild make a guild, requires an emperium, allows spaces in guild name.
  • @noks enables killsteal protection
  • @pvpmode(@pkmode) turns you killable so you can have fun duelling with your buddies

/help will give you a rather large list of officially available commands to set things up. /organize <partyname> allows you to create a party, but currently spaces in name don't work. /aura lets you toggle between the simplified and full aura. /effect toggles the skill effects (this also disables several headgear effects). /ns (no shift - allows to target enemies with heal/resurrection spells or fellow players outside of pvp maps) and /nc (no control - autoattack after clicking on the enemy once) and many many more.

Basic Leveling[edit]

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


We have a lot of quests in Epsilon RO. Both official and custom ones. Good places to find info on the quests are:


For custom quests, check the navigation on the left side of our wiki.


Got a question? The answer is somewhere out there, but these are the logical places to look for information: