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Eden Group, also known as Paradise Group is probably a new feature if you haven't played renewal before. It's a "secret" base for a group of NPCs that offer various leveling quests and gear.

How to get there[edit]

In @go 0 (El Dicastes), on the left side of the screen you will see this cute girl.
Now, mom or dad might have told you to not talk to strangers, but you should talk to her. She can warp you to Eden Group headquarters!

Let's join Eden Group[edit]

More strangers! Hey, let's talk to the purple haired NPC first, Secretary Lime Evenor. Select Join the Eden Group and you'll get a Paradise Group Mark that will teleport you to the Eden Group when double clicked. (Has a 20 minute cooldown, though).

The other NPCs you see there:

  • Gramps - offers hunting quests for levels 75-100/101-150/151-175.
  • Instructor Boya - gives quests to get the Eden Equipment. Minimum level to start doing them is 12.
  • Instructor Ur - also gives quests to get Eden Equipment. Minimum level for his quests is 60.

Leveling Quests[edit]

Leveling Missions are available from Mission Boards.

Level 11-85 Missions are on the first floor of Eden Group, lined up neatly next to the wall.

Level 86-99 Missions are located on the second floor of Eden Group, right next to the stairs.

Hunting Missions[edit]

Level Range 11-25 26-40 41-55 56-70 71-85
Spike.jpg Sponiac.jpg 4155.jpg 5670.jpg 7185.jpg
Turn-in NPC Spike (inside Eden Group) Sponiac (Geffen 104, 42) 41-55 Mission Board 56-70 Mission Board 71-85 Mission Board

Delivery Missions[edit]

Collecting Missions[edit]

Equipment Quests[edit]

Eden Gramps[edit]