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Mechanics, Items and Skill Changes[edit]

Game Mechanics[edit]

  • Instant cast not reachable with stats. Cast time reduction via skills is exponential. Item bonuses have a hard cap of 79% total reduction (80% would be instant cast).
  • No fixed cast time.
  • No drop or exp penalty when killing monsters outside your level range.
  • Cast rate is at 80%.
  • Max Guild size 24. Alliances allowed outside of WoE
  • Party share range is 20. Max party size is 24.
  • Summoners are Demi-human and Small.
  • Peco/Dragon will change a player's size.
  • Exp Rates: Floating 30~75 for both base and job. Rates change every 3 hours.
  • Improved refining over +10
  • Improved Pet System


  • Equipment that was only equippable by trans classes, can be now equipped by all but novice.
  • Skull Ring, Silver Ring, Golden Ring and Flower Ring are stackable ETC items.
  • The drop rate of zeny farming items (like Witherless Rose, Frozen Rose, Diamond Ring etc) has been reduced considerably.
  • Valkyrie Armor/Manteau/Shoes' Archer/Mage/Acolyte effects extend to Soul Linker and Ninja and Swordsman/Thief/Merchant effects extend to TK/SG/Gunslinger.
  • Doram Equipment drops:
    Doram Suit - Heater, Anacondaq
    Luxurious Doram Suit - One-Horned Scaraba
    Elegant Doram Suit - Fruit Pom Spider
    Doram Manteau - Kobold(Mace), Deleter(Sky), Assaulter
    Luxurious Doram Manteau - Rake Horn Scaraba
    Elegant Doram Manteau - Jungle Madragora
    Doram Shoes - Solider, Deleter (ground), Kobold (hammer)
    Luxurious Doram Shoes - Horn Scaraba
    Elegant Doram Shoes - Combat Basilisk(red)
    Fresh Grass Necklace - Kobold(Hammer), Sting
    Cute Grass Necklace - Stapo
    Charming Grass Necklace - Roween
    Fine Foxtail Replica - Breeze, Roween, Siroma, Deleter(Ground)
    Wondrous Foxtail Staff - Breeze, Deviruchi, Siroma, Deleter(Sky)
    Elaborate Foxtail Replica, Antler Scaraba, Combat Basilisk (Green)
    Magic Foxtail Staff - Antler Scaraba, Combat Basilisk (Green)
    Elaborate Yellow Foxtail Replica - Combat Basilisk(red)
    Magic Yellow Foxtail Staff - Fruit Pom Spider


Unlimit and Full Throttle are disabled.

  • Cold Bolt/Fire Bolt/Lightning Bolt cast times changed from 0.64/0.96/1.28/1.6/1.92/2.1/1.56/2.88/3.2/3.52 to 0.64/0.96/1.28/1.6/1.92/2.1/1.56/2.88/3.0/3.2.
  • Thunderstorm cast times changed from 0.64/1.28/1.92/2.56/3.2/3.84/4.48/5.12/5.76/6.4 to 0.64/1.28/1.92/2.56/3.2/3.84/4.2/4.8/5.0/5.2.
  • Energy Coat cast time 3s.
  • Soul Strike aftercast delay 2.5s -> 1.8s.
  • Adjustment aftercast delay 2s -> 1s.
  • Mace Mastery adds 5% ASPD with maces at level 10.
  • Sanctuary cast time changed from 4s to 3.5s.
  • Magnificat cast time changed from 3.2s to 3s.
  • Magnus Exorcismus cast time changed from 12s to 8s.
  • Meteor Storm cast time changed from 9.6s to 8.4.
  • Storm Gust cast time changed from 3.84/4.48/5.12/5.76/6.4/7.04/7.68/8.32/8.96/9.6 to 3.84/4.48/5.12/5.76/6.4/7.04/7.68/8.2/8.5/8.8.
  • Earth Spike aftercast delay 2.8s -> 0.7s.
  • Heaven's Drive aftercast delay 1s -> 0.7s.
  • Brandish Spear and Bowling Bash cast time 0.4s.
  • Charge Attack cast time 0.45s.
  • Repair Weapon cast time 4s.
  • Devotion cast time changed from 1.5s to 1.2s.
  • Finger Offensive, Investigate, Call Spirits cast time 1s.
  • Steel Body cast time 4s.
  • Frost Joker duration 30s -> 12s.
Soul Linker
  • ES magic works on players (Except Eska and Eske).
Star Gladiator
  • Miracle will not be dispelled on death or map change.
  • Solar, Lunar and Stellar Shadow will not cause blindness.
Assassin Cross
  • Soul Breaker cast time 0.35s.
  • Create Deadly Potion aftercast delay 5s ->0.5s.
  • Falcon assault cast time 0.7s.
High Wizard
  • Ganbantein aftercast delay 5s -> 2s.
  • Pressure cast time 2.6s.
Arch Bishop
  • Sacrament reduces variable cast time by 40% at level 5 (instead of fixed cast time).
  • Renovatio cast time 4s.
  • new kRO skill update to the following:
  • Lauda Ramus increases Critical 5%/10%/15%/20%, success chance 70%/80%/90%/100%
  • Lauda Agnus raises max hp 4%/6%/8%/10%, success chance 70%/80%/90%/100%
  • Adoramus 5x5 aoe effect added 400/470/540/610/680/750/820/890/960/1030% MATK
  • Renovatio party buff, screenwide recover 5% hp every 5 sec.
  • Ancilla takes 1 blue gem and 10% hp
  • Mado skills other than Pile Bunker, don't need the required items equipped, just in your inventory.
  • Power Swing delay removed.
  • Magma Eruption cooldown set to 10 seconds at all levels. Damage from 1800 fixed damage every 0.5 sec to 1300 fixed damage every 0.5 sec.
  • Magnetic Field cooldown 10s -> 15s; stay from 4s/6s/8s to 3s/4s/5s.
Shadow Chaser
  • Manhole duration reduced to 1/2/3 seconds. 15 second recast delay added.
  • Banana bomb sit duration from 15 sec max to 3 seconds.
  • Gentle Touch Energy Gain cast time 3s.
  • Extreme Vacuum duration reduced to 2/4/5/5.5/8 seconds (hold time 2 seconds) and 15 second recast delay added.
  • Fallen Angel - Jump, cast Desperado and increase Desperado damage for 2 seconds. Has 2 second cooldown and 0.5 second aftercast delay. 75 SP.
  • Picky Peck - Double damage activates when enemy has 30% or less health.

NPCs and Services they provide[edit]

All the following NPCs are available in the main town El Dicastes for your convenience.

Main Functions[edit]

  • Epsilon Kafra - What a Kafra does + Repair, Refine(including Refining over +10), Remove Cards, Preview Headgears and change Settings. You also get Epsilon Kafra Points for using this NPC. Once you reach 500, you will get a random *Kafra related headgear.
  • Heal Doge - One click healer/debuff remover.
  • Buff Me Please - Buffs you for 6k/Free for VIP.
  • Warp Crystal - Warps you to Towns, Dungeons, Fields and Instance entrances. You can also type the map you want to go to (some maps are excluded from this feature).
  • Eden Teleport Officer - Warps you to Eden Group
  • Tool Dealer
  • Ammo Dealer
  • Merchants - Pretty much every officially purchasable item is available from one of these NPCs: Chemist and Smith, Armor, Magical Weapons and Instruments, Physical Weapons, Wedding Goods, 3rd Class Shop, Pet Shop Girl, Fruits n' Veggies, Chef's Assistant
  • Apprentice Craftsman - Hidden Slot Enchanter
  • Seiyablem and Leablem - Socket Enchant NPCs
  • Putty - Exchanges cards you don't need for points. Limitations might apply.

Jobs and Style[edit]

  • Job Changer - baby job change included
  • Universal Rental NPC
  • Reset Girl - also resets feelings/hatred targets for star gladiators
  • Stylist
  • Dress Room - jRO costumes for (baby)3rd jobs
  • Mad Hatter - convert a headgear you own into a costume. With Costume Tickets or VIP Costume Tickets you can purchase a headgear by entering its ID. Some headgears might be blacklisted and costume garments and hats that use effects don't work with this. There's a small chance that the Mad Hatter won't consume the Costume Ticket.
  • Headgear Colorist
  • Hat Exchange - Exchanges Epsilon Headgear Tokens for various headgears. Also Accepts Costume Tickets in exchange for costume garments and headgears with effects.
  • Hats for VIPs - Monthly special selection of hats for VIPs. Also sells VIP Costume Ticket for 3,000,000 Zeny.
  • Lovely Hatter - Costume Quests.

Events and Mini-Games[edit]

  • Battlegrounds - Warps you to battlegrounds.
  • KoTC Warper - GvG Minigame. Capture the Emperium and defend it. If you win, you get to spawn a treasure chest that contains some goodies and your guild will receive a random bonus during WoE. KoTC is active at 7 AM/3 PM/9 PM server time and lasts 30 minutes.
  • Disguise Girl - Disguises you to a monster or npc inside El Dicastes for 50k. This feature is free if you are VIP.
  • Survival Arena - Minigame that starts at Mon/Wed/Fri 4 AM and 10 AM server time | Tue/Thu/Sat 4 PM and 10 PM server time | Sun 4 AM and 10 PM server time. Rewards Activity Points. Use @joinsa to warp to the NPC's location when the event opens.
  • Disguise Event/Pojo/Treasure Hunt - One event out of the three is enabled at 1:35/5:35/9:35 AM/PM server time. Rewards a small amount of Activity Points. Pojo also has a small chance to reward you with various chicken themed hats. Treasure Chests can drop Activity Points, eRO Valkyrie Fragments or 1 Day VIP Status.
  • World Boss Shop - Every 3-6 hours a World Boss spawns that drops World Tokens to all who participate + some extra for whoever kills it. Exchange these tokens at this NPC.

Donor Shop Items[edit]


  • Epsilon Hat Token - Exchange these for various headgears over at the Hat Exchange NPC.
  • Costume Ticket - Buy a headgear by ID from the Mad Hatter. For costume garments and headgears with effects, use Headgear Exchange girl.
  • Foxring Pokeball - Get Foxring as a pet. Yay!
  • Unlimited Flywing Box - Contains 1 Unlimited Flywing. The Box is tradeable, the item itself isn't.
  • 30-Day VIP Box - Contains 1 30-Day VIP Token. The Box is tradeable, the item itself isn't.
  • Permanent VIP Box - Contains 1 Permanent VIP Token. The Box is tradeable, the item itself isn't.
  • Gym Pass - Increase your weight limit. Max 10 per character can be used.
  • Lucky Candy - Increases EXP rate by 150% and drop rate by 50% for 10 minutes.
  • Exclusive Headgear Ticket - Get your own exclusive custom made headgear. Cannot be an official headgear (edits are fine). Other limitations may apply. After consuming the ticket, please contact Cier in discord.
  • Battle Manual 3x - Increase EXP by 300% for 30 minutes.
  • Bubble Gum - Increase Drop Rate by 100% for 30 minutes.
  • Bubble Gum 5pc Box - Box that contains 5 Bubble Gums.

Custom Items[edit]

  • Valkyrie Helms - Custom upper headgears. Quest is located in Yuno.
  • eRO Valkyrie Fragment - Quest Item to make Valkyrie Helms.
  • Headgear Index - All our custom quests and drops for both custom and non custom headgears can be found here.
  • World Token - World Bosses, strong custom MVPs, drop these tokens. Take them to the World Boss Shop in El Dicastes 231, 250 (Merchant NPC area).
  • Epsilon Hat Token - Exchange these for various hats at the Headgear Exchange NPC located in El Dicastes 193, 238.
  • Costume Ticket - Buy costume items from Mad Hatter (need item ID) or Headgear Exchange NPC.
  • Super Novice Accessories
  • Lucky Badge - Boosts the gain of tokens/coins from daily quests. Currently boosts: Room of Consciousness daily quest, Mora daily quests, Rock Ridge Daily Quests, Charleston Crisis and Geffen Magic Tournament.

Activity Points[edit]

If you actively play the game, take part in minigames and more, you will earn activity points. In El Dicastes you can exchange these activity points for various goodies! However if you are afk for longer than 15 minutes, the timer stops and you have to relog. Also only 2 accounts, logged in simultaneously, can earn activity points. So if you have more than 2 clients open, starting from the one you opened 3rd, the timer won't start.


VIP status gives you a little bit of bonus stuff in game. The Donor shop offers 30-Day and Permanent VIP tokens, while the Activity Shop has the 7-Day VIP token available.

As a VIP, you get access to the following commands:

  • @dye
  • @haircolor
  • @hairstyle
  • @homtalk
  • @pettalk
  • @me
  • @shopjump
  • @storeit
  • @costume
  • @aura
  • @storage2*
  • @storage3*

The following services are free of charge:

  • Buff Me Please
  • Disguise Girl
  • Mad Hatter regular hat conversion


  • Monthly selection of Hats for VIPs
  • 12 Hourly Points per hour instead of 10.
  • 25% more exp
  • Extra tokens/coins from certain daily quests like Banquet/Mora/Rock Ridge.
  • Possibility to use Storage 2 and Storage 3.