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Exp Rates 30~75x Floating rates.
Changes every 3 hours.
Drop Rates 30x All regular drops
1x for boss cards
Max Stats 130 - all but
120 - baby third and summoner classes
Max ASPD 193
Instant Cast No Instant Cast Primary Town El Dicastes

Important NPCs[edit]

Epsilon Kafra Storage, Guild Storage, Refine, Purify/Buy Ores, Card Removal (No failure), Zeny Conversion, Identify/Repair, Settings, Headgear Preview
Buff Me Please Gives you the following buffs for 6,000 Zeny: Agi UP, Blessing, Impositio Manus, Kyrie Eleison, Magnificat, Angelus.
Heal Doge Heals you, for free!
Warp Crystal Warp to towns, fields, dungeons. Option to type in map manually, and to go back to the last used warp. MVP maps are excluded.
Job Changer 1st Class, 2nd Class, Rebirth, 3rd Class, Baby
Universal Rental NPC Carts, Mounts, Falcons, Wargs
Reset Girl Resets your stats, skills or both for a fee. Also resets the target maps/monsters for Star Gladiators.
Shops Tool Dealer, Pet Supplies, Weapons, Armor, Ammo, 3rd Class Items, Chemist Materials, Blacksmith Materials, Wedding Items
Mad Hatter Convert a headgear you own into a costume version of it for 100,000 Zeny (no fee if you have donor status) or exchange 1 Costume Ticket for a costume based on the Headgear ID.
Stylist 989 Cloth Dyes, 154 Hairstyles, 255 Hair Colors
Dress Room Allows you to change to the alternate 3rd class JP sprite for 500 000 Zeny.
GD Gate Keeper Warps you to a random guild dungeon for a fee. The destination changes daily.


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@channel join (#channel name)

@channel exit (#channel name)



@mobinfo (@mi) @iteminfo (@ii)





@storage (@s) / @gstorage






@hominfo / @homstats


@autoloot (@al)










@joinbg / @leavebg

(See: LGP Guide)

@joinevent / @event


@ccolor / @hcolor / @hstyle


@pettalk / @petrename







Server Customs[edit]

Epsilon RO is a renewal server but we are leaning more towards the Revo style.
Please take a look at a more in depth list over at Epsilon Customs and Features.


  • There is no exp penalty when killing monsters outside your level range.
  • There is no drop rate penalty when killing monsters outside your level range.
  • Fixed cast time is disabled. (Cast times are shorter if a skill originally had fixed cast time.)
  • Instant cast is impossible to reach. (99% cast time reduction is possible with equipment/card given bonuses. Stats have a smaller effect on cast time reduction. Skills reduce casting time exponentially)
  • All around cast time is set at 80% of original.
  • Renewal mechanics for rest.


  • Unlimit and Full Throttle are disabled
  • Manhole and Extreme Vacuum durations have been shortened and recast delays added.
  • Sacrament reduces variable cast time.
  • Picky Peck's double damage kicks in at 30% HP left instead of 50%